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Days to Smile | San Francisco Orthodontist | orthodontic Treatment & services

Smile faster than you think!

Customized orthodontic

treatments as unique as you

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Simulate Your Smile

Take a smiling selfie and get a
before + after result of your orthodontic treatment with D
ays to Smile.

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Days to Smile is a boutique orthodontic clinic in downtown San Francisco to help busy people achieve amazing smiles, on their time. 


We use the latest technology combined with clinical excellence to create a custom plan for each of our patients. 


We consult with each patient personally and craft innovative, individual plans to work with their schedule.

By carefully selecting the best orthodontic technologies, we've been able to accelerate individual treatments for the best results in a fraction of the time.

Expert Treatments

Wearing Clear Aligners - Invisalign

The most technologically advanced, removable aligner system that has treated over 6 million patients. Results trusted by professionals.

A clear bracket used by Dr. Cheng.

Clear braces with low profiles and low friction to ensure maximum comfort and speed. Customized to the specific angulations of your teeth.

Before and after 3D images of a jaw surgery.

Combing orthodontics and surgery to correct severe misalignment of the bite and jaw relationship.

Depiction of sleep apnea: During sleep, gravity and muscle relaxation allows the tongue and surrounding soft tissues to fall back into the throat area obstructing air flow.

A life threatening condition present in 1 out of 5 people. People who have it do not know about it as 80% are undiagnosed.

Cutting Edge Technology

Young man wearing virtual reality headset.

Use VR Headspace to relax and unwind in the waiting room. Focus on a breathing exercise and feel refreshed from your appointment.

Image depicting artificial intelligence (AI).

Remote monitoring of your treatment is possible with the  advance AI technology and a simple scan using your iPhone or Android. 

Align iTero ADA 3D scanner

No more goopy impressions.

Accurate scans of your teeth up to 10 µm. Now, we can measure every detail of your treatment.

CBCT scan of teeth, jaw, lower face.

Combine 3D iTero dental scans with low radiation 3D Cone Beam X-ray to plan your orthodontic treatment with regards to your TMJ, muscles and bones. 

Days to Smile Orthodontics is the place to be for Invisalign San Francisco.

Days to Smile Orthodontics has been voted best orthodontist SF.



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