Artificial intelligence in orthodontics

Taking a scan for virtual appointments

Dr. Amanda Cheng is proud to be the first clinic in the San Francisco Bay Area with virtual appointments. The virtual appointments use AI that combines the most advanced machine vision in orthodontics with patented metaheuristic algorithms to remotely monitor a patient’s treatment using their smart phone.


Virtual appointments are powered by an app available on both Android and iOS. It uses artificial intelligence technology to extract information from scans and photo-simulations to record and track your actual tooth movement over the course of treatment.


Every scan is checked by both the software and Dr. Cheng so that timely intervention and adjustments can be made to allow for the most efficient treatment.  Dr. Cheng can also communicate to you through the app to support compliance and motivation.

How it works

Take a scan

Every few days, you'll be notified to take a scan of your teeth using the app.


Each scan is analyzed by the AI and personally reviewed by Dr. Cheng, to reveal any complications, or changes to your progress.

Accelerated treatment

Your treatment plan is then altered and updated to reflect recent changes, allowing us to speed up treatment based on your biology. Aligner tray changes can be as fast as every three days.


The artificial intelligence can detect over 170 different clinical situations from images taken by patients using their smartphones.


After more than two million scans, the algorithm can calculate tooth by tooth displacements in fractions of a millimeter based on intrusion, extrusion, retraction, advancement, rotation, inclination and angulation variations from the original treatment plan.

Detecting teeth and aligner fit within a scan.