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Orthodontics during COVID

At Days to Smile Orthodontics, we believe that everyone deserves to love their smile. We strive to offer competitive treatment fees with the highest quality of care, using the most innovative technologies available. We stand behind our value and while other offices may offer similar orthodontic treatments for the same price or less, you will find that we give you much, much more for your money. 

Orthodontics may seem costly but the cost includes months up to years of treatment follow up and Invisalign lab costs. We choose Invisalign despite the higher lab costs because we know that exceptional orthodontic results cannot be achieved with cheaper aligners that are printed in house. We have always proudly offered exceptional care without any compromise.

Flexible Financing during Covid - 19

Your Smile is Priceless

Orthodontics Financing Options

During the COVID pandemic to help many people realize their goal of getting an incredible smile, we are offering 0% financing plans. For extended financing plans, we have set up an agreement with a lending point to provide low monthly costs of $99/month to finance your orthodontic treatment. Click here to see if you qualify for financing today.

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