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SIP and Smile

Covid-19 has created a lot of disruptions in our lives, specifically with the shelter in place order, where we are required to stay at home and minimize socializing. By working from home, we have surprisingly more time to make positive changes in our lives that paves the way for success in our future. By using the extra hours saved from errands and commuting so many people have decided that now is the optimal time to start Invisalign treatment. Making use of time during social distancing to straighten your teeth is a great life hack since you can complete orthodontics discretely and unveil your new smile after the order has lifted. 

With shelter in place, we have launched a new, virtual orthodontics clinic with secure chat rooms and video calls. To support this tele-orthodontics platform, we have worked extensively with the Invisalign Team to design treatments that are suitable for virtual follow-ups and require minimal in-office appointments. We are a Diamond Plus Invisalign Provider and has treated thousands of patients, she is able to use her experience to plan your Invisalign treatment so that it can proceed smoothly from the comfort of your own home.

Discrete SIP Orthodontics

Woman on left on smartphone and man on right holding book, both wearing face masks.

Before COVID, it would have been difficult for some to take time off work to complete orthodontics treatment. Now with shelter in place, everyone has a more flexible schedule, so why not take advantage of the free time to obtain the smile that you always wanted?  Plus, this is a great opportunity to get orthodontics without it being detected by your co-workers and peers since most social interactions take place over zoom calls. Doesn’t it feel great to not have to explain or give reasons on why you look so fantastic when you do begin meeting and mingling again?

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