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COVID + Safe Orthodontic Practices

At Days to Smile Orthodontics we are starting to see regular non-emergency appointments now after we have implemented stringent disinfection protocols from CDC, OSHA, WHO, and county health departments.


Our top priority has always been to ensure that our patients and staff members are as safe as possible while in our office 

COVID Prevention Measures in our Office

  • We are spacing out appointments to minimize patient traffic and to allow adequate time for thorough disinfection

  • We have adjusted procedures to reduce aerosols. All patients undergoing aerosolized procedures are tested for COVID

  • Patient use 1% hydrogen peroxide rinse before all procedures

  • We installed high-efficiency air filters to monitor interior air quality

  • There is universal masking policy in the office

  • There is contactless temperature screening for all patients and employees


To respect the Shelter in Place ordinances in San Francisco, Bay Area, we have hired engineers to fully launch our virtual platform to provide patients with real-time feedback on their orthodontic treatment progress. Using our tele-orthodontics platform of digital photos, video calls, and secure chat, we are able to offer a new level of care to patients anywhere in the world. Tele-orthodontics is especially important during COVID when patients are often not able to attend an in-person clinic visit due to travel restrictions.

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