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Relax! Your Best Smile Starts Here

Come and try the newest VR head set to unwind and relax before your orthodontic appointment.


What Is Virtual Reality?

Escape from the daily bustle to serene locations from beautiful beaches to calming fields and majestic night sky. Lose yourself while listening to tranquil ambient music or experience a guided meditation.


VR systems provide our patients with computer-generated sensory input to both sight and sound. The interactive nature of the experience, can make the virtual world a great conduit in controlling  dental pain during a non-surgical treatment.


Studies have shown that  upon entering a virtual environment , the patient’s pain scores decreased dramatically for both sensory pain, and affective pain.

Dental Anxiety

If you experience dental anxiety, virtual reality is here to help you overcome your fear and make your visit to the orthodontist a relaxed and pleasant one.

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